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I want to help spread awareness for LLS and childhood cancer as a whole, a cause I really believe in. I want everyone to know about the incredible advancements that have been made and the critical research LLS is continuing to fund not only for blood cancer, but for all cancers. Critical treatment innovations have originated through blood cancer research- radiation, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and new-targeted therapies. Nearly 40% of all FDA cancer drugs in the past decade were for blood cancers. Many of these drugs are now being tested for use in other cancers such as: solid tumors, breast, skin, stomach, bladder, brain, prostate, liver, colon, ovarian, kidney, pancreatic, head & neck, lung, and esophageal cancers. Today, several blood cancer drugs are also approved for trials with other serious diseases including: Type 1 Diabetes, Sickle Cell Disease, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, MS, and leprosy.