Special events and trips play an important role in healing. I always say, “It takes more than medicine to get well,” and truly believe that. This is me with patient Zachary heading to the Baseball Awards Hall of Fame Dinner in NYC.
Me with patient Veronica at Halloween Extrabooganza.
Distraction during chemo visits desensitizes kids to the unit and makes the long treatments more bearable. This is me with patient Vanessa (a Leukemia Survivor) playing a game of Connect Four!

Thank you to everyone who supported me in my quest to ‪#‎CrushChildhoodCancer‬. We almost doubled my original goal of raising 50K in 10 weeks. Our total funding, a whopping $98,321 will be earmarked for a childhood cancer research portfolio. I will share more details on this research portfolio in the coming weeks). Thank you to my incredible team members who worked tirelessly for months to turn this goal we had into a reality.

I am so proud and blessed that I can continue (everyday) to put smiles on the faces of children fighting cancer and their families. This campaign (and the ten weeks we had to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) was a humbling, eye-opening experience; one that I will never forget. The people who supported me, near and far- blood family, work family, friends and complete strangers… Your generosity is unmatched. Thank you for that. If this funding helps even one family in need, we have succeeded in our efforts.

Mostly, I hope that these ten weeks have shown my patients and their families that no matter how many obstacles I faced, no matter how tough the competition was, even when I was knocked down and felt like giving up- I thought of their strength and courage, picked myself up and pushed forward. I will continue to face life with that attitude. Thank you to my warriors, angels, survivors, super-sibs, and their parents for being my daily inspirations. Because of you, my ‪#‎PONCStars‬; I will ‪#‎NEGU‬.

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